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The company, which is located just 2 kilometers away from New Moudania road to Sithonia, began operation in the early '80s, then having a small unit. Its subject was the marketing and processing of steel reinforcement (steel construction) and other related materials that will be used to construct any kind of dwellings (buildings, warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals), as well as public works (bridges , biological, cleanings, dams).

Ten years later the company expanded business, creating a prototype manufacturing, marketing and installation of synthetic frames (PVC), which was a groundbreaking innovation for the Greek market at the time. Installed modern machinery for cutting and mounting and increased manpower by specially trained personnel in the construction, and the placement of windows. On the same site, and began the construction of aluminum frames.

Consistent with the full data and the requirements of today's market, the company acquired in 2006 quality certificate "ISO 9001", while just three years later began the procedures for obtaining a new certificate "CE", evidence unequivocally excellent quality of the products and their sense of social responsibility.

Today the company TECON, continuing its long tradition, still operates in steel trading weapons, taking private and public projects, and the production and installation of synthetic (PVC) and aluminum frames. But they are able to distribute and public consumers a wide range of similar commercial species related to rails inox, aluminum railings, shutters, security doors, interior doors, garage doors, curtain walls, and after consultation undertaken and special structures.

The economic situation in recent years has not meant in no way downgrading the quality of its products company, which managed to gain certification "CE" for both the synthetic frames, and for aluminum constructions. This is undoubtedly an important step forward in strengthening relations with its customers for even more quality and tested products.